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Bull's Journal

Nutritional care

September 9th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hello again. Any advice on nutritional supplements? Bull has cancer and will probably start chemo 2 weeks post amputation. My vet does not have a recommendation. I see k-9 immunity all over the web pages. Anybody have experience with this?
Trying to stay calm,

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  • admin

    You will find plenty of advice regarding supplements in the Eating Healthy discussion forum topic. And Jerry’s News blog includes this post detailing his own canine cancer diet and supplements.

    We believe K9 Immunity helped Jerry live as long as he did, as part of his metronomic therapy.

    And here is another good discussion topic going about K9 Immunity and other AHCC / mushroom therapies for cancer dogs. Hope this helps!

    Calm is a good thing. But as Yoda said … “There is no try. Only do.” 😉

  • YodasMom

    Heeheeheeheehee… I think MY Yoda says that to me – “There is no try. Only do.” – whenever I tell him “I’ll try to squeeze in a long walk tomorrow.” (Long for him being like an hour!) He certainly has that sort of look in his eyes ALOT.

    I don’t really have anything useful to add except that people have certainly tried and posted about a lot of different supplements and natural remedies. Yoda’s oncologist also couldn’t recommend anything along those lines. I forget how she worded it, but basically said (apologetically, I thought) that they aren’t taught about that stuff. Pam – who puts the “Vet” in the “Ask a Vet” forum – though has fielded a lot of questions one supplements and other holistic approaches.

    Yoda is on K-9 Immunity and Transfer Factor, but only very recently, since he got lung mets and further treatments weren’t affordable. I didn’t start him on it sooner, because I could barely afford what the the amputation + chemo. Since Yoda got lung mets before his last chemo, I had some money left that was intended for that last treatment, which I could put towards the supplements. And I chose the K-9 Immunity to go with because it seemed to be the most used and trusted by people on the site, and I felt uncomfortable trying something less well known without the oversight of a holistic vet (which didn’t seem affordable either).

    Whoops, I may be a little rambly tonight – it’s past my bedtime, that’s why. I’ll just submit this quick before I think of something else to type…

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