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Bull's Journal

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Bull's Journal

One day till surgery.

September 9th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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I would like to talk you all for writing back. I never realized what support one can find with others that have gone through the same. We are really worried and probably mostly scared on we will react to seeing our bully without his leg. We worry about pain, how will he get up and down, go for walks and how will he interact with his crazy viszla brother Tiki. But then I read your responses and realize other doggies have done it. We are all trying to stay calm but it’s very very hard! Tomorrow will be the first day of Bulls new adventure and we just want to be as positive and supportive as we can be. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!

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  • ldillon81

    I think the most scary part about seeing your dog post-amputation is that the wound may look a little nasty. It can be a shock to see your little furbaby with a shaved spot and staples or stitches, but try to remember that only his leg got removed…not his little doggie personality! Bull will need to mosty rest for the first couple weeks, but after his stitches come out and he is ready, he will be back to playing with his brother. I wish I could offer advice on how to get him up and down, but our experience was super easy and Jack was up and running in circles the day after amputation. We actually had to take him back to the vet for a couple days because he had severe abdominal bruising from being too active 😛 However, there are a ton of dogs here who have had a ruff time of it in getting their dogs up and moving, so I’m sure they will offer their advice! Good luck tomorrow!

    <3 Laura and Jackers

  • YodasMom

    Always feel free to call your vet with questions! I’m not very good at following that advice myself, but I know it’s good.

    A couple problems that seem fairly common in the early days after amputation (from reading other people’s posts) is constipation (or just not being ready to go potty) and seeing a sharp decrease in energy/activity even a couple days or so after they’ve been home, when the heavy-duty pain meds wear off. Yoda wasn’t painful when those meds wore off, but they made him anxious (whined and turned in circles alot) and therefore made him more active his first couple days home. Then he slept LOTS – as one would expect a dog who just had major surgery to do.

    The first three weeks, for sure, are quite ruff, but they don’t last forever and they’re worth it for the quality of life that Bull can have after his recovery is complete.

  • biffngab

    Our Gabby didn’t want to go for walks even after weeks of recovery post-surgery. She would walk two houses down and then want to come back. In order to get her walking again, we started taking her to local forest preserves. There, we found that she was much more motivated to walk! By going to forest preserves, she regained her stamina and strengthened the muscles in her remaining 3 legs. Now the her muscles are strong and lean and she dances along on walks.

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